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"An orgy of glamour and daring, a diverse kaleidoscope of identities, bodies and gender expressions dotted with sequins, feathers and bare nipples… " 
The Music


Bend is a considered evisceration of all things pretty, fluffy and sweet- a treat from the subversive pulse of Australia. Satirical, sexy and outrageously hilarious, this is where burlesque meets art whilst having a back street dalliance with social incongruencies and a wholehearted disembowelling of the hetronormative paradigm.

Australia's Queen of Burlesque and World Queen of Burlesque 2012 presents a diverse cast with theatrical enchantments from the LGBTQAI+ performance underbelly of Australia.

Wild, shocking and delightful, Bent Burlesque never fails to pack a punch - or a fist. 

In 2023 Bent will be retuning to Melbourne, Sydney, Bunswick Heads and Cairns with incredible performance artists, carnies, strippers and gender benders.

This is a ribald event showcasing Australia's best vajazzle razzlers blowing you away with their twisted tease, erratic erotica, carnal carnivalia and grotesque burlesque.
Gratutious, highly skilled, dark glamour. 



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