Living History of Australian Burlesque
Imogen Kelly, burlesque historian and representative of The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas has an historical mission of her own. To document the living history of Australia's still living legends of burlesque. Following on from her event The Living History Of Australian Burlesque , 2011, Imogen has since been touring the country, buying costumes and artifacts from our known legends as well as collecting their stories in interviews. 


2011 Time out
Australian Burlesque queen, Imogen Kelly, has pieced together the nation's burlesque history – from Elizabeth Burton to the tease stars of today – for this one-night only strip down memory lane. 

Judith Lanigan (Go Go Burlesco), Tiger Lil (Tarnished, The Happy Sideshow), Christa Hughes (Go Go Burlesco, Machine Gun Fellatio), Tasia and The Go Gets, Lola The Vamp and many more will all be along for the history lesson, and archive footage and recreations will help set the scene. 
Then come the legends Madame Lash, Kim Chaos, Jean
ette Luke and the one and only Elizabeth Burton herself!!!

This is sure to be a very educational and tantalising evening, indeed!