As a third generation cancer fighter and survivor Imogen is a breast cancer campaigner who really packs a punch. Imogen runs workshops for women in remission and undergoing various stages of reconstruction. Her campaign started with Dukes Up - a fun clown Dr styled workshop in hospitals and is about raising awareness, having open discussions about the pros and cons of reconstruction and also helps women reacquaint themselves with their post op bodies.



" I don't glamorise mastectomies, there is no way to do that, but we can normalise the mastectomised body and help women who are survivors of breast cancer to reignite their body confidence. Burlesque is a fun way to annihilate body norms, and sexy, light hearted way to help empower women to feel good about themselves."
Imogen has retrained as a Personal Trainer and is also running workshops aimed at stretching and massaging scar tissue, returning strength to atrophied muscles and flexibility to our bodies after treatment. 
The Dukes Up course will run for six weeks and will be held at The Chris Obrien Lifehouse. The next round is October 2018.


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